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How to Adopt

Our Available Horses

We often have horses available at various levels of training, from gentled to green broke. To see if we have any available today, check out our available horses page or contact us.

About our Fees
Adoption fees will be determined based on training level, athletic potential, and operating costs. Generally speaking, fees will range from $1500 to $5000. However, a saddle started horse appropriate for a sporting home may have a higher fee to reflect the additional time and work the RAMS team has put into him.

Please find our adoption application here.

Pick a Mustang

We can help you find the perfect wild horse, bring her to our farm, and gentle her for you!

Currently, we can only offer this service for mustangs from Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals. In the future, we plan to make cross-country trips to select mustangs from BLM corrals all over the western states.

Choose this option if you want to pick your own horse from the corrals, but you do not have an appropriate facility for an untouched mustang and/or you are not confident gentling a wild horse.

Rusty, a Devil’s Garden gelding from the 2020 gather, took 65 days to meet his halter training requirements
Tabasco’s adopter picked him out from the USFS corral’s online adoption event. He spent 60 days at RAMS before heading home.

Here’s how it works:

  • You browse the photo albums of available mustangs for your dream horse
  • If needed, we guide you through the application process to adopt a Forestry Service mustang
  • We arrange to have the horse shipped to our farm
  • We train the horse up to your specified training level, e.g. gentled, saddled, backed, or green broke (WTC). During this process, we strongly recommend that you visit the farm and get to know your mustang in person!
  • You take your new mustang home!

For details on adoption and training fees and how we can help you find the right mustang, please email us or send us a message!

Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals

RAMS hosts a remote pickup location for the Devil’s Garden mustangs managed by the United States Forestry Service. If you adopt a horse from Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals in Alturas, California, you may be able to have him shipped to our farm free of charge!

Choose this option if you have an appropriate facility for an untouched mustang and you wish to gentle your own horse from scratch.

These mares and foals from Devil’s Garden got a couple of days to rest and recuperate before being picked up by their adopter.